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I haven't received my license

It can take up to 10 minutes for your license to arrive. We need to validate your payment first. If you still don't receive it, and if the message is not in your spam folder, it might indicate that you have had a typo in your email address when purchasing. Write to us and we will resolve it. Please include an alternative email address in your message, in case your server is blocking us.

I can't export my model from SketchUp

To export meshes from SketchUp you will need to have the WrapR for SketchUp extension installed in SketchUp. When you first install WrapR we install the extension during the installation process.

WrapR currently exports raw SketchUp meshes, no groups or components, which are triangulated or quads.

WrapR crashed while using it

Crashes are bad. But some crashes are good! If you can can reliably reproduce a crash or oddity then get in touch with us so we can fix it.


Where are my UV unwrapped files saved?

When you first export a mesh from WrapR we create a folder called WrapR where your SketchUp file is saved. In that folder we store a SketchUp file named after the material applied to the mesh.

How can I open an SVG file?

SVG file are Scalable Vector Graphics that can be resized to any dimension. To open an SVG file you can use Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator or Affinity Designer.

Where are the Keyboard shortcuts?

In WrapR you can see the list of keyboard shortcut in the File > Shortcuts menu. You can also customise the shortcuts to suit your workflow.


How long is the trial?

You can use WrapR for free for 7 days. After that you need to purchase a license.

How many seats per license?

When you purchase a license you can install WrapR on 3 separate Windows devices.