WrapR Purchase

Perpetual licenses are single-user licenses for WrapR 2023 for Windows each priced at $69 + VAT.

License FAQs

What is a perpetual license?

Perpetual Licensing means you own the software and are entitled to any maintenance releases to that version of the software.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, if you have a license for a previous version and wish to upgrade you can at reduced cost. To see how go to https://wrap-r.com/docs-upgrade.html

How many devices can I use WrapR for SketchUp on?

Up to 3 devices can use the license.

Will my version of WrapR work on future versions of SketchUp

No, SketchUp continuously evolve their software development kit. Future verions of SketchUp may break something in older versions of WrapR. WrapR will always work of the versions of SketchUp it supports for that release.

Will my license entitle me to updates and fixes?

Your license entitles to any updates to the current version you purchased. If you purchase WrapR 2023 you will get all updates we issues for free for that version. Earlier versions will require to upgrade at reduced cost.