WrapR Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a large number of keyboard shortcuts available for use in WrapR for SketchUp, which is a great way to speed up your workflow when UV unwrapping SketchUp models.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Display 3D and UV View 1
Display 2D View 2
Display 3D View 3
Display UV Grid (On / Off) G
Edge Path Select T
Cut Selected Edges C
Select Edges Spacebar
Weld Selected Edges W
Centre Around Selection N
Deselect All CTRL + T
Redo X
Reset Camera A
Undo Z
Extend UV Selection NumPad +
Reset Grid CTRL + R
Scale Grid CTRL + S
Texture Scale Down [
Texture Scale Up ]
Live Unwrap (On / Off) L
UV Select U
UV Move M
UV Move - Snap to Grid CTRL + M
UV Scale S
UV Rotate Q
UV Relax R
UV Flip F
UV Pack D
UV Pinning P
UV Unpinning O
UV Align Left Left Arrow
UV Align Right Right Arrow
UV Align Up Up Arrow
UV Align Down Down Arrow