WrapR is an addon for SketchUp that is laser-focused on doing one thing really, really well: UV unwrapping SketchUp meshes. We have built WrapR to be as flexible as possible, without compromising on the ease of use for SketchUp users.

Who it is for?

WrapR is for folks who like to properly texture SketchUp models. If you have ever struggled to paint an organic form in SketchUp then WrapR is for you.

What it is for?

WrapR allows you to properly map a texture image to a 3D mesh. A SketchUp model with a proper UV map allows you to texture paint in an image editor like PhotoShop or Krita. You can even export to Substance Painter or Blender for 3D texture painting.

Tech Specs

WrapR is a Windows 64bit application that requires SketchUp 8 and above.

Installing WrapR

This guide is to serve as a reference for installation of WrapR for SketchUp. If you experience any problems please contact our support team.

WrapR installer will automatically remove any previous installations. If you experience problems you can manually uninstall the previous versions to perform a clean install.

Setting up the installation

Run the installer.

  • Upon the start of the installation, Windows may ask you for permission to run the installer with administrator privileges. Please confirm.
  • You will be presented with the WrapR licensing agreement. Please take a moment to review the agreement.
    Click the I accept toggle and the Next > button to proceed.
  • During the next step you can choose which versions of SketchUp you wish to have WrapR added to.
  • If the installation was successful, you will get this screen. Press the Finish button.

Activating WrapR

This guide is to serve as a reference on how to license WrapR for SketchUp.

After successfully installing WrapR for SketchUp you will need to activate it with a license file. The license file is sent via email when you download the trial or purchase a license.

  • Launch WrapR from your Start Menu, Desktop Shortcut or Taskbar.
  • You will be prompted activate via a dialog popup.
  • Click Activate License and navigate to the local download location of your .txt file.
  • After a few moments WrapR will display a notification if your license file was successfully activated.

Activating WrapR for SketchUp requires your PC to be connected to the internet. After successfully activating no further interconnection is required.