How to upgrade?

Upgrading to Wrap-R 2023

You can upgrade your purchased Wrap-R licence to Wrap-R 2023 for a 15 USD + VAT upgrade free.

To upgrade you need a purchased licence file of any previous version of Wrap-R. Free beta and trial licences are not eligible for upgrading.

6 easy steps to upgrade:

  1. Find the licence file you purchased for the earlier version. If you can not find it you can find a copy of it at C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Wrap-R\original_license.txt.
  2. Open the license file with Notepad and select / copy it's content.
  3. Prepare your debit / credit card and go to Enter your email address. Paste the content of the licence file into the promo code field. Click the Buy Wrap-R button.
  4. At the next page you should see the 15 Euro + VAT price. Continue to the payment. After completing the payment you should get your Wrap-R 2023 licence within a few hours by email.
  5. Download the latest installer of Wrap-R from the versions page.
  6. Install Wrap-R 2023.0 and activate the new licence.

If you have any questions regarding the upgrade, contact us at

We wish you happy unwrapping with Wrap-R!