Introducing WrapR

A powerful addon for UV mapping SketchUp models with ease.

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Compatible with SketchUp 2013 - SketchUp Pro 2023

WrapR for SketchUp is a UV mapping tool filled with powerful features.

WrapR is a SketchUp extension that helps you create proper UV maps for SketchUp models. It supports triangulated and QuadFace meshes. Hundreds of SketchUp users are using it everyday. We are sure you'll love it too!

WrapR for SketchUp UI


WrapR for SketchUp Interface

Beautiful and Intuitive Interface

WrapR for SketchUp has an intuitive interface, which is designed to mimic SketchUp. It makes it easy to UV unwrap SketchUp models in seconds.

WrapR for SketchUp Interface

Built for SketchUp

WrapR looks and feels just like SketchUp. Tools and navigation are what you expect. No surprises just focus on the things you need to.

WrapR for SketchUp UV Distortion

Real Time Preview

WrapR for SketchUp syncs the 3D and 2D viewports so changes are seen instantly. Easily identify texture distortion and texel density.

WrapR for SketchUp UV Seams

Fast Workflow

WrapR allows you to mark your UV seams directly in SketchUp. It even stores your seams so you can save your file and resume later.

WrapR for SketchUp UV Seam Loops

Smart Edge Marking

WrapR for SketchUp automatically detects topological loops in your models. One click UV seams wherever you need them.

WrapR for SketchUp UV Path

Smart Path Detection

WrapR for SketchUp uses a Smart Path detection to determine the best edge flow for UV seams.

No need to waste time picking edges. Just pick a start and end. It's that simple!

WrapR for SketchUp makes UV mapping and texture painting your SKP models so easy.

Even more...

  • Texture Stretching/Shrink feedback
  • UV island pinning and alignment
  • SkektchUp texture import
  • Export to OBJ
  • UV Island packing
  • Save UV layouts to SVG